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Warmly Welcome to the Second International Forum for Young Scholars 
Donghua University 2017 
1、论坛介绍/Forum Introduction 
International Forum for Young Scholars (Donghua Forum) aims at gathering outstanding scholars all over the world to Donghua University exchanging their academic ideas regarding international material science and chemistry frontiers, hot research areas and industry technical issues, and promoting interaction and collaboration between prominent young scholars with interdisciplinary backgrounds. 
时间安排/Forum Agenda


Dec. 24, 2017




Dec. 25, 2017


Main-ForumOpening Ceremony & Invited Speech


Dec. 26, 2017


Sub-ForumFree Communication & Policy Preaching

2、报名条件(二选一)/Qualifications (Optional) 
Outstanding young scholars under 40 years old graduated from national or international prestigious universities with a PhD degree, have more than three years overseas work experiences (those applicants with exceptional academic achievements may be exempt from the work experience requirement), and have an official position in overseas prestigious universities, institutes or companies. 
Selectees of the National Programs including 1000 Young Talents, Top-notch Young Talents, Young Cheung Kong Scholars, the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, or Highly Cited Researchers (released by Thomson Reuters). 
3、报名和联系方式/Application & Contact Information 
Please send your application form (download it from attachment) and three recommendation letters to Prof. Liao and Prof. Zhu via emails: yzliao@dhu.edu.cn and zmf@dhu.edu.cn before Nov. 22nd. For those non-Chinese applicants, please directly send your detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English to above emails. All invitees will receive an official invitation letter from Donghua University. We warmly welcome outstanding young scholars from home and abroad to join the forum. Those applicants with recommendation letters who will be preferentially invited. 
2)论坛情况咨询方式/Contact Information 
联系人/Coordinator:廖耀祖 教授/Prof. Yaozu Liao 
邮 箱/Email:yzliao@dhu.edu.cn 
手 机/Mobile:+86-13127718931 
微 信/Wechat:13127718931 
4、差旅及住宿/Travel Reimbursement & Accommodation 
Accommodation is free. Please book your flights after you received the formal invitation. The host will provide the reimbursement of travel expenses (maximal 12,000 RMB/person for overseas scholars, 6,000 RMB/person for domestic scholars). 
5、关于东华大学/About Donghua University 
Donghua University (DHU), formerly China Textile University, was founded in 1951. Located in Shanghai, DHU is one of the first “211 Project” state-key universities directly under the Ministry of Education of China. The feature disciplines at DHU such as Fashion Design, Textile Engineering, International Trade, Material Science, and Information Technology have received high reputation both domestically and abroad. In 1960, DHU was identified as the national key university and recognized as the first batch of universities who could grant the doctorate, master and bachelor degrees. In 1985, the university changed its name to China Textile University. In 1995, the national “211 Project” began to fund the university. In 1999, the university changed its name to DHU. Over the past ten years, the university have achieved great successes in both education and research, holds one National Key Discipline, five Secondary National Key Disciplines, one National Key (Nurturing) Discipline, thirteen national and provincial and ministerial level scientific research bases, two national “111 YinZhi” bases and one National University Science and Technology Park. The engineering discipline of DHU was ranked in Top 150 all over world according to the ARWU Shanghai Jiaotong University Rankings. 
College of Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) at DHU originated from the first program of chemical fibers in New China initiated by Prof. Qian Baojun and Prof. Fang Borong since 1965. DHU is one of the institutes who first awards the doctorate degree (1981), holds the national key discipline (1986) and the State Key Laboratory in fiber materials (1992). CMSE was officially found in 1994, has two PhD programs i.e. Materials Science & Engineering and Chemistry, and a postdoctoral research station. CMSE has three key laboratories i.e. State Key Laboratory for Modification of Chemical Fibers and Polymer Materials, the Key Laboratory of High-Performance Fibers & Products, Ministry of Education, and the Engineering Research Center of Advanced Glass Manufacturing Technology, Ministry of Education. In the 2016 Wuhan University National Best Disciplines Rankings, DHU’s Polymer Science & Engineering ranks No. 3, Functional Materials ranks No. 2, Inorganic Materials Science ranks No. 8 and Composite Materials ranks No. 4. CMSE has established broad and intensive collaboration and interaction with many prestigious international universities, institutes, and companies. CMSE aims at constructing a world-class materials science discipline. 
6、青年千人计划入选者相关待遇/Compensation & Benefit 
1)科研经费:500万元;Research Funding: 5 million RMB; 
2)购房补贴:150万元;Accommodation allowance: 1.5 million RMB; 
3)年薪:50万元;Salary: 500,000 RMB; 
4)聘任为教授及博士生导师;The awardees will be appointed as a full professor and PhD supervisor; 
5)若进入青年千人计划会评,但未最终入选者,聘任为特聘研究员(永久性正高级职称)及博士生导师。For those who did not succeed in the final interview of the 1000 Young Talent Program, they will be appointed as full research professor and PhD supervisor.